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Hello! This letter is a note stating a testimony of Nilsy Rapalo's coaching services and how they have help my life greatly! Thank you for this great and wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts on her work in my life! Nilsy Rapalo's Life Coaching services has been a life changing experience for me & for my family. Most importantly, she helped me through a holistic approach in which the results are now shared by my family. These helpful changes where necessary in order to achieve my goals while having a healthy view of the challenges life brings and how to use them to grow from; helping others along the way. One truly cannot help others until you have helped yourself... thank you Nilsy!

Teresa Chrapkiewicz

I was born in Hidalgo, Mexico. I moved to North Charleston USA, when I was 15 years old, I grew up thinking about having marriage and love that fairy tales are made of. I have a string of broken and traumatic experiences on my marriage because of abuse and too much domestic violence. I realized I needed a drastic shift in my life. My fabulous life coach has been coaching me through a synergy model. Now I am attracting an abundance of wonderful people in my life. Taking on being a life coach now as been a blessing to my life. It blows my mind that I get to be in the lives of extraordinary people who are up to big things in the world. Thanks to my beautiful life coach Nilsy Rapalo who helped me out to change my life. I was blessing to meet her. God bless her and her family.


Hi! My name is Iris Lopez Moreno. I'm from Villaflores, Chiapas (Mexico). I've had a relationship for 11 years. Like aother couples, we went through hard times, that's why we decided to look for the option of taking coaching sessions; now and I know that it was the best decision. I'm so thankful for Nilsy, because through her therapies we have been able to advance in a positive way. We have found out many mistakes, turning them into experiences of life. We have learned to use dialogue instead of argueing or fighting. Summarizing, we have improved our lifestyle positevely. Thank you so much Nilsy for you help.

Iris Lopez Moreno

I had the pleasure to find Nilsy more than a year by now. This was not only something pleasant, but also a nice coincidence. We studied together in the same city in our homeland, Colombia; we also studied the same career. She has chosen the best way in the avenue of life. She is genuinely interested in helping others; she has a "carnival heart", which holds everyone around because of her happiness and energy; she is also a dedicated professional. I love the way as she puts color on every thought, vision, dream, and experience. She writes down all of the above with extremely accuracy on the articles she publishes on a local Latin newspaper. Nilsy is just like her home city, Barranquilla, "a blue and white ilusion of the Caribbean Sea, vibrating and always willing to give wellness to the people around her.

Gretel F. Iaconeta

My wish of continue evolving as a person has given me the chance to experience this beautifulo process of transformation of my life, a process which still goes on; but I have to say that this process wouldn't have been the same without my coach's help. Thanks Nilsy!!! Struggling for a goal must be done with an everyday dedication, since when one falls down, the most important is to know how to get up, continue to live, and give live. Happiness is inside ourselves, not in other people. Having the desire to grow is fundamental, but bring this to pass is the absolute goal.

Beatriz Eugenia Navarro C.

This experience has been wonderful. Nilsy has been the correct person; she has helped me remove those deepest, negative things that I had never been able to take out of me. I have found more sense to my life and today I can say that everything that can be done through love is worth a living!

Patricia McBride, Charleston, SC

Life coaching has been a great experience. It has allowed me to evolve in my innerself and has permit me to be a transformation tool for other people, not only in the company that I manage but also in my professional and personal goals. Choosing a good coach is a vital decision and Nilsy was the beginning of this whole process that has brought great changes to my life. Don't let your life just go on, you can make it change. Zully Garcés General Manager (Lavamejor S.A., Cartagena, Colombia)

Zully Garcés

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